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Manufacturing Capacity
Our factory boasts a highly skilled production team with extensive expertise in all facets of mobile phone battery manufacturing. We operate 7 fully automatic production lines, complemented by multiple sets of laser machines, edge wrapping machines, and labeling machines. With our versatile manufacturing capabilities, we can accommodate orders of any size, ensuring on-time deliveries. As a leading mobile phone battery manufacturer and factory, delivering innovative, high-quality products with advanced technology and a commitment to sustainability.


Quality Control
Quality is the primary focus at our mobile phone battery factory. We implement stringent quality control processes, from raw material procurement through production to final delivery, ensuring that each product meets the highest quality standards. Our products have obtained multiple international certifications, including CE, RoHS, FCC, and MSDS, earning the trust of customers worldwide. 
Our Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC, IEC62133, MSDS, UN38.3, PSE and ISO9001 certifications
 Icommun Certificate
Product Testing
 Icommum Incoming Inspection     Icommun Development Testing     Icommun Production Testing
 Icommum Security Testing     Icommun High Performance Testing     Icommun Outgoing Inspection
Icommun Phone Battery Intelligent Protection Functions
Icommun Phone Battery Structure
Product Advantages
Long Service Life, Maintaining over 85% Capacity after 500-600 Charge and Discharge Cycles
1. We use top-tier battery cells from reputable brands known for their high consistency. Each batch of battery cells undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure minimal deviation in battery capacity (≤50mAh), voltage (≤0.04V), and internal resistance (≤35mΩ).
2. Every shipment of battery cells undergoes stringent testing for capacitance, internal resistance, edge voltage, and static performance.
Extended Standby Time
1. We employ a pure lithium cobalt oxide material system, achieving an impressive energy density of up to 350Wh/Kg. This material system outperforms ternary and lithium manganate in terms of capacity retention.
2. The key components of our battery core and protection board undergo strict quality control. The battery core's K-value is maintained at 0.08mV/h. The protection board is subjected to comprehensive self-consumption power testing, ensuring static power consumption remains under 100μA.
Suitable for Extreme Temperatures, Operational from -20°C to 60°C
1. Our batteries feature a low-temperature-resistant electrolyte, ensuring consistent conductivity even in extreme cold without rapid capacity decay. Additionally, our positive and negative electrode materials employ high-temperature-resistant coating technology for stability in high-temperature conditions.
2. To minimize temperature rise during high-power operation, our protection board uses low-internal-resistance MOS devices and gold plating technology for connector connections.
Robust Stability, Accurate Power Display with No Unexpected Shutdowns
1. We employ high-precision fuel gauge IC and high-current MOS IC, backed by multi-level filtering and ESD protection measures.
2. Our use of TI's impedance tracking adaptive algorithm allows accurate prediction of battery characteristics' aging over time. High-precision connectors are manufactured using a 3μ gold plating process.
3. Our cell tabs utilize 8-welding point laser spot welding technology, which ensures reliability, low internal resistance, and stable power supply compared to alternative resistance welding and 4-point welding methods.
High Safety Performance, Minimal Bulge Risk even in Puncture or Scratch Incidents
1. Our battery cores are equipped with ceramic separators, while the positive and negative electrode materials incorporate coating technology. The electrolyte supports original fast-charging functionality, guaranteeing safe and reliable use.
2.The protection board includes multiple safety mechanisms, such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, high and low-temperature protection, anti-reverse connection protection, and electrostatic protection.  


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