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1. What kind of business is your company?
We are a foreign trade B2B company focusing on mobile phone batteries. We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable mobile phone battery solutions to global customers, and establishing long-term cooperative relationships with partners from all over the world.


2. What are the main products of your company?

Our company has been active in the mobile phone after-sales industry for nearly 18 years. Icommun is one of our brand, specializing in mobile phone batteries. Additionally, we also offer mobile phone parts and accessories.


3. How can I quickly obtain a quotation?
After registering on our website, you can download the price list directly (https://www.icommun.com/download_price_lists.html).


4. Where is your company? Can I visit your factory?
Our company is in Guangzhou, supply chain logistics center is located in Shenzhen, China, also is the famous mobile phone spare parts distribution center in the world. 
Welcome to visit to our factory, in order to save your time, please let us know the visiting time of you in advance, so that we can arrange the tour schedule for you.


5. What are the characteristics of your mobile phone battery?
Our mobile phone batteries use certified and tested high-quality battery materials, featuring high performance, high efficiency, stability and safety. At the same time, we continue to carry out technological innovations to meet the ever-changing market demands.


6. What types of mobile phone batteries can you provide?
We have a wide range of mobile phone batteries for all major mobile phone makes and models. Whether it's a smartphone, feature phone or other mobile device, we have a battery solution for it.


7. Can your mobile phone battery be customized?
Yes, we support customized mobile phone battery solutions. We can provide mobile phone batteries with different capacities, shapes and special functions according to customers' needs.


8. Is there any battery or way to fix iPhone “non-Genuine battery” warning?
This problem is the same as screen, caused by encrypted IC. Users can solder the original IC to the changed one.


9. May I change the product packaging?
Yes, we provide personalized packaging services. You can tell us the packaging details you need and we can customize it for you.


10. Do your mobile phone batteries meet international standards and certifications?
Yes, our mobile phone batteries strictly comply with international standards and certifications, such as CE, RoHS, FCC etc., to ensure the quality and safety of the products.


11. How to buy your mobile phone battery?
You can buy mobile phone batteries through our official website or contact our sales team. We will provide you with detailed product information and quotations, and assist you through the purchase process.


12. Who should I contact if I have any questions before or after placing my order?
Whether before or after placing an order, if you have any questions, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible, no more than 24 hours at the latest.


13. Do your products come with warranty?
Yes, we provide warranty service for all mobile phone batteries, 12 months warranty, during this period, if the product has non-human quality problems, we provide free replacement, which will be sent with the next order.


14. Is the price you offer wholesale or retail?
We are mainly B2B business and the prices offered are wholesale prices. If you have a large demand, we will provide more competitive prices.


15. Do you provide samples?
Yes, we can provide samples for your testing and evaluation. Please contact our sales team for more information about samples.


16. How to solve product quality problems or complaints?
If you encounter quality problems or have any complaints during the use of our products, please contact our team in time, we will wholeheartedly solve the problems and provide satisfactory solutions for you.


17. How to deal with product damage during transportation? 
In general, it is quite rare for such incidents to occur during transit. We package our products in accordance with battery shipping requirements, and the occurrence of transportation damage is almost non-existent (we have never encountered this issue with batteries we've shipped so far). However, in the unlikely event that such a situation arises, please take photographs immediately upon receiving the shipment, and we will provide compensation.


18. What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the received goods?
Before we confirm your order, we will verify the product quality and other details with you. If there are any quality issues, you can provide feedback to us, and these products can be replaced free of charge, and they will be shipped with your next order.


If you have any other questions or require further information about our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are excited about the opportunity to work together with you to create a better future!


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